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I am trying new technique on this painting. More Depth and Atmosphere, hope to put natural elements on her surroundings.


I really hope to finish this piece by next week.

My trip to So America started from PDX to LAX to SCL (Santiago, Chile). I stayed about 3 days in Santiago and 1 day in Talca  and 1 day in Constitucion.

Santiago is surrounded by mountains.

Unfortunately, there are so many stray dogs in the city. Most of them are cared by local people but some are not.

Another stray dog in the downtown Santiago.

Downtown Santiago

A little town called "Talca", 3 hours bus ride from Santiago.

from Talca to Constitucion. Constitucion is a little beach town, not very popular to tourists but local people.

tea time at the local restaurant.

The best seafood soup I have ever had.

Constitucion Beach.

heading to Argentina. I will post more about my Argentina trip later.

A small piece of my work shows on The Columbian Newspaper, a local newspaper located in Vancouver WA.

My co-worker sent this clip today. I just fall in love with all the characters.

I made this noodle for my dearest friend. I worked so hard to make it right, but during cooking, I wasn’t concentrating on cooking but talking too much instead. Maybe next time…get serious about cooking demonstration.

Just delivered to me today. Not much to say about the magazine because most of  my friends  featured their work in this magazine years back.



I am so glad that I found this movie. Love it. Also I can’t wait to see all my favorite animations without English sub. Manga animations are my text books these days. I really hope to speak and understand kindergarden levels of Japanese so my trip to Japan next year will be easier and easier for my friend who depends on my Japanese skill. Duh.. feel pressure!


I painted these girls because I was waiting for some big paintings to dry.



Finally. I titled this painting “Serenity” because I really  need some serenity these days.

Skye Hwang's Painting

Skye Hwang's Painting