There are two or three rough paintings behind this one. It was crazy to paint over and I wasted a lot of oil due to this process.

Skye Hwang 2009


I did one sketch paint for my new boy character who all will be in the prison for their bad hairstyles.  The story is funny.  It makes me laugh. ha ha ^_^

Badboy Series One-Skye Hwang

Badboy Series One-Skye Hwang

Second one, I am struggling and getting too dark on the theme.

Skye Hwang's New Work in Progress

Skye Hwang's New Work in Progress

I have been asked by some folks about WordPress, so I decided to transfer my blog to this site for testing. OMG! I have been very impressed by how simple and fast this site is.  It has a good user interface design and  a lot of good widgets. Love it.  I highly recommend to everyone.

Life is unpredictable and we all face some kind of challenges. I am really down these days and hope get over this hard time soon. Somehow we all know when we paint, it treats some people’s illness and sadness.

Working on this painting right now. having hard time painting Lemurs.

Someone posted these paintings with a description about the starvation in China between 1930 and 1950-60??. I am not going to translate what the details are. However, I think these are amazing paintings.

Finally, I just got back from a trip to Korea and Jeju Island. If you want to check the photos go to I am working on these painting right now. Hopefully I get new camera and take a hight quality photo.